19 December 2023 –

A collection of things that inspired me this December

It’s December and we’re in the season of creating warmth—even when the temperatures are dropping and there is little to be found. This season of gathering and gratitude also comes with opportunities to share—from love and joy to time and things. I am beyond grateful to share with you the holiday edition of my book, The Art of Home, available exclusively at Target, where you’ll find an additional chapter dedicated to the season, from tips on how to elicit a mood of familial warmth through scent—a bowl of orange slices, dried sprigs, or a classic winter candle—to embracing the unique opportunities for connection that the season allows. This idea of warmth, and the seasonal colors that come along with it, is what has been inspiring me this month. Earthy greens and browns, creams and warm reds, these are the hues that define the holiday season. We hope getting lost in the beautiful pages of The Art of Home serves you with loads of warmth, and as you flip, you feel inspired. xo Shea

From top left: Bembury Linen Shams from McGee & Co., Shaker-Stitch Cardigan from Gap, Ferragamo Annie Flats from Shopbop, Chloe Crewneck from Jenni Kayne, Cashmere Overcoat from Jenni Kayne, Shashi Noor Drop Earrings from Shopbop, Florana Nighstand from McGee & Co., Keir Fired Brick Ceramic Vase from McGee & Co., Fifi Sconce from McGee & Co., Marco Glass Taper from McGee & Co.

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19 December 2023