The Sunday 7

Mid-March Madness

17 March –

No. 01
A Quick Trip to Palm Springs

Syd and I took our March birthday girl (Wren is 11!) on a weekend getaway to Indian Wells to celebrate! We landed in California, stepped out of the airport, and were immediately immersed in the warm weather and sunshine. Absolute heaven. We spent our days watching tennis and it makes my heart soar to share our family’s favorite sport with our not-so-little girl.  

No. 02
The Houston Estate Reveal

It’s finally here! The grand reveal of this stunning project is live over on our YouTube channel and here on We shared a bit in this article, but these webisodes dive into each space and I’m so excited to see all of your reactions to our latest reveal. 

No. 03
A Little Behind the Scenes

Another week, another shoot. The team and I were hard at work on an upcoming Threshold x Studio McGee collection at Target and you know I’ve got to leave a little teaser here… 

No. 04
For the Makeup Lovers

I was testing out a new recipe for Around the Table last Sunday and got so many questions about my makeup from that day. So, I’m sharing my current eye makeup favorites here. The eyeliner goes on so beautifully; just a little swipe is all I need.  

No. 05
My Morning Routine 

My day is always off to the best start when I am up early to get in a workout and a little tennis. Syd and I both get a lot of questions about our morning routine so I filmed a little clip that we’ll be sharing soon. We covered everything from my secret “alarm clock” that has changed my life to my updated makeup routine. More to come soon! 

No. 06
The Kohler x Studio McGee Collection

You may have seen some of the details of our booth at KBIS (or maybe you were even there in person) but I’m just back to lovingly admire this collection. This collaboration has married style and craftsmanship beautifully.  

No. 07
A Lot Happening!

We have a handful of exciting things happening this week, so stay tuned… I heard there might be a sale starting soon, in case you’re looking to refresh your spaces in time for spring. 

XO – S 

Date Posted
17 March