McGee & Co. Winter Collection | The Pantones That Inspired

A color palette as the jumping off point.

12 October 2023 –

Each year when Shea and the design team sit down to begin ideating the forthcoming collections, they first start with a color palette.

Sometimes it’s earthy greens and cheerful pinks for spring and other times it’s muted browns and creams in an array of Pantone shades. For McGee & Co.’s 2023 Winter Collection, we thought it would be fun to show the Pantone swatches that served as the launching point for the collection and the end products built off of the hues. Here, a Pantone-inspired profile of the the McGee & Co. 2023 Winter Collection.

No. 01
Red & Brown

No. 02

No. 03
Green & Blue

No. 04

Date Posted
12 October 2023