McGee & Co. Winter Collection | Layered & Textured

Materials and textures that define the collection.

13 October 2023 –

If there is one element that ties each of the pieces in our McGee & Co. 2023 Winter Collection together, it’s the vast array of materials and textures that make it feel tactile and dimensional.

From fuzzy bouclé and rippled stone to smooth marble and lustrous mohair, the collection showcases the beauty that comes with sophisticated and luxurious materials. Here, a tour of the McGee & Co. 2023 Winter Collection through the lens of its building materials.

No. 01
Bouclé and Sherpa

No. 02
Marble and Stone

No. 03
Velvet and Mohair

No. 04
Ceramic and Terracotta

Date Posted
13 October 2023