McGee & Co. Rug Inspiration

All of our favorite McGee & Co. Rug picks for a fall refresh of your home

12 September 2022 -

Find the perfect rug for your space.  

A rug has the power to tie a room together, whether it is an open and grand space or a bedroom with a tighter layout. We love that there are so many styles, materials, and looks to choose from when it comes to beautiful, high-quality rugs.  

These are some of our favorite looks from McGee & Co. rugs at the moment, and we hope you find inspiration for every one of your rooms!  

Hand-Knotted Rugs  

Hand-knotted rugs show off their craftsmanship with beautifully intricate patterns, a short pile, and a tight weave. The classic motifs featured in most hand-knotted rugs make them super versatile. With a grounding presence, these rugs can add both warmth and playfulness to your space.  

Wool Rugs  

In the fall, it’s important to focus on creating a cozy atmosphere without interfering with the beauty of your home. We love wool rugs for this reason. These rugs add comfort and provide a soft landing for your feet while still bringing sophisticated cohesion to a room.  

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs  

The versatility of an indoor/outdoor rug is one of our favorite things about them. These rugs are crafted with durability in mind, but without losing a soft and comfortable feel, or compromising on aesthetic. An indoor/outdoor rug is perfect for high-traffic areas and will bring long-lasting style with its low-profile texture, wherever you choose to place it

Date Posted
12 September 2022