A Bar Cart Styled with McGee & Co.

Styling tips to toast to.

02 November 2023 –

Let’s stop and give a moment to the party’s libations. A space solely styled to serve wine, cocktails, and mocktails to your home’s guests is a welcome one, especially during the holiday season when hosting is at a maximum.

McGee & Co.’s bar cart collection spans from rattan to leather to brass to oak to chrome, from antique to mid-century, and there are hundreds of different ways to style all of them. The glassware-and-libations catch-all is useful for much more than that as well, you can use it to showcase your favorite coffee table books, a floral arrangement, or lighting for a dark corner. And the best thing about bar carts is that their styling can change every time you use them. To get you inspired for the holiday hosting season, here is one styled bar cart from McGee & Co.’s Winter Collection and all the elements needed to recreate the look yourself.

Date Posted
02 November 2023