The Sunday 7: Putting on a Brave Face

Ups, downs, and looking for the bright side.

22 March 2020 -

1. I woke up this morning, put on a brave face, and went for a walk.

About midway through, I found myself weeping. This is a heavy time for all of us. My heart aches thinking of those alone in hospitals without someone there to hold their hand. I am weighed down thinking of all the people working without proper protection to fight this uphill battle. I am saddened thinking about the struggling small businesses and thousands out of work knowing that this is only the beginning of a long economic slog. We are already having to make hard decisions as business owners and I’m afraid to lose what we’ve all worked so hard for. It was in this quiet moment early this morning when I realized I have been internalizing so many emotions that I needed to let it all out, so I could find my strength and resolve to be a light. I want to teach my children, fight for my employees’ livelihoods, and help my community. I know my skill set isn’t going to save us, but I believe that I can help in my own way to share how to make our homes feel happier. A few aspects of my daily routine that have helped feel a sense of control in a time when there is little:

  • Make our bed

  • Workout

  • Actually get ready each day

  • Stretch during down moments (watching TV, waiting for my kids’ mac-n-cheese to boil, etc.)

  • Get some fresh air

  • Play like I’m a kid again

  • Light candles

  • Keep the dishes out of the sink

  • Pray

*You can read a lot of other suggestions from our readers on how they’re Making Life Beautiful HERE

2. We filmed several webisodes before closing our office, so we’ll be sharing them as long as we can!

Watch the latest one HERE and shop the entry photo tour HERE. We have 128 videos on our YouTube channel and now is the perfect time to catch up. Please hit subscribe so you are notified when we launch our videos each week!

Photo by Lucy Call

3. Besides more family time, one recent positive is the number of online sales happening.

Here are my top picks this weekend:

4. Oh, and baking.

So. Much. Baking. Funny because I don’t eat grains, dairy, or sugar (I know, it’s terrible), but oddly find spending time in the kitchen to be relaxing. I had so many follow-up messages about these salted brown butter rice krispie treats last week, I thought I’d share them again here.

5. A dose of playful sophistication in this project by Nickey Kehoe is just what I needed:

6. This vignette on the McGee & Co. homepage makes me so happy.

The blossoms! The dark wall! The reeded detail on the dresser! It’s all good.

7. Stay home.

Take care. Remain hopeful! Xo-S

Date Posted
22 March 2020