The McGee Home Office Tour

How we designed Syd’s dark tonal moody office

23 March 2020 -

Happy Monday!

The past few weeks have felt a little different than usual, which makes us all the more excited to have a fresh, new start, and a new week ahead of us. We’re kicking it off today with a photo tour of The McGee Home office, we worked with Metrie and The Shade Store on this room to achieve Syd’s dream office, and we couldn’t be more excited to show you around!

When we started designing Syd’s office, he knew he wanted a dark, moody look, so we decided to go all in. I didn’t just want to do the walls dark, I wanted to whole space to be dark. We used Green Black, by Sherwin Williams not only on the walls but on the shiplap on the ceiling and on the built-ins. We even layered in a dark leather sofa to kept the motif throughout the space. Often people think if they do dark walls, they need to do light furniture, but I don’t think that that’s necessarily the case; in some spaces, it adds to the room to do that dark on dark layering.

I love that you see our white house, white entryway, and then you see Syd’s office, and it feels very dramatic when you first walk in.

One of my favorite parts of this space is the door detail leading into the office. I had this vision of these old doors that had reeded accents, and I drew them out and had them custom made to get the stain just right so that they would tie in with our hardware floors. Completed with unlacquered brass hardware, and raised panel, they added the perfect amount of character and interest.

The first thing you see when you walk in is this back wall, so we started with this Mcgee & Co. art piece and console and then layered it with personal touches. The lost winds pendant is from Syd’s favorite surf spot in San Clemente, and we have framed family photos scattered throughout the built-ins. I love adding personal touches in offices especially because I think that they really tell a story of the person who lives there.

Molding details and trim work are easily one of the best ways to elevate the feeling of your home. We worked with Metrie to do this paneling detail floor to ceiling, I wanted a recessed panel look, so it felt more streamlined, but we added this cove bead detail so that it feels more traditional. When you look up, you see this ultra-modern fixture that contrasts perfectly against the traditional paneling.

Just like the sofa, I wanted to keep everything tone on tone in here and not do tons of high contrast. So I went with this mushroom linen color on the drapes, and I think that it adds a little bit of a warm brown tone to the room, making it a great layering piece with our woven shades. Both are from The Shade Store, and we used them throughout the entire home.

The one light thing we did in this space is the coffee table. We have all of these straight lines in the striped rug, in the paneling on the wall and in the reed detailing on the doors, so I wanted to break it up with an organic shape. This coffee table was the perfect piece to do that, it has this imprint of shells that we love, and it’s imperfect beauty made it the ideal piece to center the room.

Another detail I love in this space is this striped rug, I love that it has this masculine stripe detail. Against the dark sofa and dark walls, it creates that perfect moody look.

Thanks for following along with our McGee Home tours! There is so much more to come, and we have only scratched the surface on all of the space, so stay tuned for more in the weeks ahead!

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Date Posted
23 March 2020