The Sunday 7 – Love to California

This week’s Sunday 7: making time to give, holiday traditions, fashion rotations, and more.

12 November 2018 -

1. My life is dedicated to all things house and home. It has been weighing heavily on my heart to see so many people lose their homes and everything in them. It was just about a month ago I was standing in Malibu taking this picture. California, we love you! I think Sundays are a great day for prayer, meditation, and giving. Let’s carve out some time today to help support in whatever way we can. This is a great list of organizations to contribute to and a little bit about each.

IMG_8080 (1).JPG

2. Happy Veterans Day to my favorite vet, my dad! We have always signed off as a family Love. Heart. Safe. because of his career-long commitment to protecting our country.

3. I don’t know how it happened, but I went down to our basement to grab a Topo Chicco and came back up with a Christmas tree. Maybe it’s because we’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year and I’m on a cleaning/decorating rampage. It’s always funny to me when I order stuff for myself from McGee & Co. but I just received a huge box filled with our dinner table scape:

4. It’s a tradition in our family to do Pie Night the night before Thanksgiving. We all bring a pie and binge on empty stomachs so we can fully appreciate the sweetness!

I think I’m going to try this new version of pumpkin pie as well as our usual pecan pie (my favorite).

I love this pie dish and it’s on sale right now! Plus, it looks great styled on shelves.

5. Speaking of holiday gatherings, it’s that time of year when a killer dress, opaque tights, and good lipstick come in very handy. I like to take one dress and interchange it with boots, heels, faux fur or leather jackets.

6. We did a 2-Day Transformation this week! I love how it turned out and thankfully so did our client because it was a complete surprise…

Studio McGee

7. It’s 10 pm and I’m just now finally wrapping this up! Off to bed and ready for a new week. Xo-S

Date Posted
12 November 2018