10 Tips for Creating a Peaceful Bedroom Setting
07/27 Bedroom

10 Tips for Creating a Peaceful Bedroom Setting

A few of our bedtime essentials

This year has been a whirlwind, and we know we're not alone in experiencing increased stress, which naturally, comes with less sleep.

If there's anything we've learned lately, it's that creating a beautiful space isn't just about the aesthetic, but more importantly about the feeling that you bring into your home and routine.

We have been attempting to refine our rituals to find moments of peace, and today, we're talking about ten little things that have helped us create a calming bedroom setting.

  1. Add a candle on the nightstand

There's something about a candle that creates a warm ambient feeling to any space, and we style them in nearly every room for this reason.

Our new Sandalwood + Fleur Candle was made to bring the smells of summer into your home. With an eclectic blend of bergamot, lime zest, rose and Sandalwood, this candle combines both woodsy and floral tones perfectly.

2. Bringing in some life

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3. Invest in Your Bedding

10 Essentials for Creating a Peaceful Bedroom Setting

Crafted from luxurious 100% Cotton Sateen, our European White Goose Down collection keeps you warm and cozy, without sacrificing sophisticated bedding style.

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4. Keeping a good book close by

The word on the street is that falling asleep to reading is much better for you than the blue light of your phone.

Here’s our summer reading list:

5. Add Extra Layers


An extra layer at the bottom of your bed not only creates more texture and warmth aesthetically, but is perfect for pulling up the middle of the night if you get cold.

6. Splurging on pretty pajamas

7. Update your sheets

Bedding ideas
10 Essentials for Creating a Peaceful Bedroom Setting

Sometimes new sheets are all you need to get a better nights sleep. Especially if they are these sheets.

8. Prioritize Hydration

Stanley Cups are a team favorite for their size and vacuum insulation. If you walked into our office (pre-pandemic) you would see them on nearly every desk.

9. Finding simple storage solutions

10 Essentials for Creating a Peaceful Bedroom Setting

Having something on your nightstand that you can put your earrings or rings in at the end of the day means you don’t have to get up if you forget to take them out!

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10. Re-organize clutter

It may sound too good to be true, but de-cluttering is a serious stress reliever. We’ve interviewed a few professional organizers over the years, and you can read a few of our favorite posts below!

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What’s one of your essentials for creating a peaceful space?