The Trimmings of a Perfect Winter Bath

23 November 2022 –

The Trimmings of a Perfect Winter Bath
The Trimmings of a Perfect Winter Bath
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Everything you need to know to create a warm, wintertime soak.

Baby, it’s cold outside—and is it just us or does a warm bath feel even better in the winter? There’s something about running the water a bit warmer than before, sprinkling in your favorite products, and enjoying a good long soak in the wintertime. It’s like lemonade in the summer, it just works. During colder months, the elements outside of the bath are just as important as the bath itself. Who wants to step out onto a cold bathroom floor? Not us. Here, we pulled together some of our favorite elements for setting the scene of a perfect winter bath.

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Mood Lighting

Whether it’s one candle tub-side or a collection of tea lights surrounding, the ambiance a flickering flame gives off is enough to soothe the weariest of souls in a warm wintertime soak. As it relaxes and calms the eyes, it also provides a burst of aromatherapy, which is a type of therapy that uses scents and smells to improve your overall mood. In the wintertime, go for a richer scent, like Oak & Orange Blossom or Palo Santo & Oakmoss.

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Soft Textiles

“A good towel can make the entire bathroom experience,” says Shea, “and a bad one can break it.” As humans, we want things to feel soft against our skin, it’s the sensation of touch. Aside from the closet, perhaps the bathroom is the number one place where that notion rings true. When it comes to towels, Shea suggests considering the fluffiness along with the thread count, not all come standard. And one shouldn’t overlook the bathmat when plotting their perfect winter bath setup. Stepping out of a good soak onto a plush mat is the finishing touch; its fibers hit your body before the towel does.

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Fresh Florals

Just as a sunny day or long hike does, introducing an element of nature to your bathtub routine is sure to heighten the senses and alleviate stress. It’s no secret that the essence of the outdoors does wonders for a tired mind and body. For the perfect wintertime bath, set an arrangement of flowers or greenery next to the tub, or even sprinkle some petals into the water to soak alongside you.

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