What We Love About Our Homes

We asked a million people what they love most about their homes, here’s what they said.

11 February 2020 -

If you haven’t noticed, it’s Valentine’s week! Love is in the air; Hallmark sales are in full force, and the Trader Joes flower section is getting emptier by the minute. Whether you’ve already made dinner reservations, or you’re rolling your eyes at the thought of celebrating at all, this post is for you.

This year, instead of talking about gift guides, night-in recipes, and date ideas, we wanted to take the spirit of love in a different direction and focus on something we don’t talk about here often enough: loving your home.

It may sound funny, but sometimes a relationship with a home can be like a relationship with a partner or friend. It takes time to build, grow, and create, it’s everchanging, ebbing, and flowing, and most importantly, it’s not perfect!

Nope, not even the homes you see on our Instagram are “perfect.” Over the years, we’ve found that nearly everyone wishes their home is something it isn’t. We tell ourselves that we’ll love our home when we get out of a rental and build, we tell ourselves we’ll love our home when we finally hang that last picture, but how often do we tell ourselves that our home is great just the way it is?

In efforts to spark some positivity, we asked our team and Instagram followers what they love most about their homes. We didn’t know what to expect, but we’d be lying if we said the answers didn’t melt our hearts a little. Here are some of our favorites:

“My house was built in 1936, and while the lath and plaster have their downsides, I love how quiet it makes the house and how much character old houses have.” – Josh, Studio McGee Workspace Admin

“I love that my husband built it with his own two hands, and that the piano my dad refinished sits in the foyer.” – kin_and_comfort

I love that because I put my heart & soul into making it a comfortable & welcoming home, we have made so many memories in our home with family & friends!”- deb4teague

“My favorite part of my home is that it’s full of art created by my family members, especially drawings, photos, and paintings by my dad and my Grandma.” – Laura, Studio McGee videographer

“It’s my first time living with my boyfriend after six years of long-distance. And it’s home is where my family is.”- hkcung

“Our piano! We bought it a couple years ago, and I can totally see it becoming a family heirloom. It’s nothing fancy but it brings our family so much happiness and looks great in our living room.” –shegulls

Design by Colombe Studio

Design by Colombe Studio

”My kids framed art-work and pottery they’ve made throughout the years.” – npelonzi

“My favorite thing in my house are my books. I strive to always own more books than I’ll ever be able to read.” – Nathan, Studio McGee FP&A Analysis

“Our Meyer lemon tree in the backyard that’s almost as old as our house!” – lessylebarbe

“I love our deck where you can lay in the sun, looking up at the pine trees and hear the water lapping and birds chirping during the summer.” – leahbee___

“Not having to share a laundry room or pay for laundry for the first time in my 13 year marriage.” –melonaid

Honestly, I can’t pick one thing. I love that it’s a labor of love and we have completely updated it after buying it nearly 7 years ago. We moved so many times when my kids were little and they often tell me how much they love our home and “we’re never moving, right?” – e.lynndesign

“I love having a guest room to host our favorite people.” – percivalinbloom

Design by Jill Egan Interiors .

Design by Jill Egan Interiors.

“I love antique furniture pieces that came from my grandparents. They may not be quite my style but having something they loved means so much.” –riveroakhome

“I love our living room with new Shiplap walls and a Roman clay fireplace that we installed by ourselves!” –kpsykjames

My dining room table that my husband custom built for me. It’s one of a kind & fits our space just right, a great blend of our different styles, and perfect for hosting family game night!” –theresa_lyon82

Today someone said, “You’ve got the “it” house” because we are having the senior class over twice this week for Senior Seminars. I guess I kinda love that my home is the house of 1,000 youth group parties… even if it shows in the scuffed walls, carpet stains, and nicked furniture.” – sisu_powered

“My dad designed the current home I live in for my sister. Shortly after she moved in, she had to put it up for sale, so I bought it. I love my home, and it has a special meaning to me since both my dad and my sister have since passed away. Renovating helped me create my own space but keeping the general layout and design is a constant reminder of the love I have for my dad and sister.” – candicereynolds_

Even amidst our huge renovation and dust, I love that there’s no other place I’d rather be.” –chrislovesjulia

“I love the nicks on the baseboard that remind me of the fun the kids had on the hover board. I love the paint chips off on the corners of the wall that remind me of chases around the house. I love the scratches in the wood flooring that remind me of the years with the most beloved pets. I love everything that is wrong, or actually right, with our house. It reminds me of the lines, marks and wrinkles on our body- it all tells a beautiful story of memories.” –dusti.powell

“As small as my home is (1300 sq feet) I love that everything I need is on one level of my home and I couldn’t be happier.” –lilollp

“I love that it has a specific scent that makes me want to take a big, relaxing breath the minute I walk through the doors.“ – oho_house

“We just moved in to our “dream home” and still I have a long list of things I want to do or get done. But most of all I love appreciating what we have and feel so thankful for our home.” – chez_kapare

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re believers in making your home a beautiful place, but the truth is, loving your home is about so much more than perfectly styled built-ins or that perfect paint color.

So here’s to half-done rooms, unframed prints, and old, creaky floors, at the end of the day, no matter how cheesy it sounds, home really is where the heart is.

What’s your favorite thing about your home?

Date Posted
11 February 2020