Tips to Make a Kitchen Feel Designer

Elevate your kitchen with tips from Dream Home Makeover Season 3!

09 August 2022 -

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen…

or looking for simple upgrade ideas, there’s much inspiration to be drawn from Dream Home Makeover Season 3. In the first episode, we tag along on a kitchen overhaul journey with Robert and Cindy. From reimagining the space layout to adding elevated details, Shea walks us through her process in our webisode deep dive, and we’re highlighting even more tips here for you, too.

No. 1: Reimagine space layout

In a more open-concept kitchen-to-living room layout, there are a few tricks we have for optimizing space and making the areas feel distinct from each other.

In this case, we closed off the pass-through to the dining room to allow for a butler’s pantry, which gave the space extra storage and food-prep functionality. Tall tower cabinets from counter to ceiling add a statement-making symmetry around the stove and a boundary with the adjacent living room. And last, adding a deep island counter afforded us a place for extra chairs and room to gather — what the kitchen is for!

No. 2: Create a focal wall

For a higher-end look, spring for the extra materials to extend the backsplash tile from the counter to the ceiling. Together with a custom hood, this helps create an entire focal wall around the stove that can ground the whole kitchen.

No. 3: Outfit your open shelving

Working with stock cabinets? Complement them with floating shelves to elevate the overall look. Open shelving provides easy access to essentials, and also adds a visual interest when items are on display.

“The places that are visible, on the lower shelves, I always want to put things that are functional, but also really beautiful — like glasses, canisters, cake stands, and pitchers.”

– Shea McGee

No. 4: Try a curtain pantry enclosure

Here’s a trend that’s flexible with your taste as seasons change. Incorporate a curtain pantry enclosure to conceal shelving — a clever option in a place like a pantry. This fabric-forward approach adds pattern to the kitchen, while being a low-commitment way to play visual interest.

No. 5: Accent cabinetry with leaded glass

One inexpensive detail that easily elevates kitchen cabinets is leaded glass. Its sophisticated yet charming appeal is always worth the cost, and it works especially well for cabinets holding tasteful tableware.

No. 6: Have fun with hardware

Don’t always feel like you need matching hardware on every surface. We love mixing metal finishes, like the matte black and polished nickel here, to bring in some contrast.

Last, adding a towel bar to the end of the island makes for an easy, thoughtful touch.

“This kitchen is a great example of a way to take a home that has a tract-style layout and finishes, and make it feel designer, high-end, and very custom.”

– Shea McGee

Look out for more tips and deep dives from this season of Dream Home Makeover!

Date Posted
09 August 2022