Not Your Mother’s Natural Wood Kitchen
11/21 Design Tips

Not Your Mother’s Natural Wood Kitchen

Our latest kitchen design inspired by natural elements.

Today, we’re excited to share our latest kitchen design…

Inspired by natural elements, juxtaposed materials, and industrial accents. In this space, we focused on playing to the beautiful natural wood on the cabinets to create an organic and traditional feeling with a modern twist. While we love painted cabinets, there’s something about untouched materials that feels timeless, natural, and slightly undone.

We finished the space with beautiful pendants, a great vintage rug, and of course, one of our design staples: The Williamsen Counter Stool. Scroll through to see and shop the space.

Not Your Mother’s Natural Wood Kitchen
Not Your Mother’s Natural Wood Kitchen
Not Your Mother’s Natural Wood Kitchen

“Drawing after drawing we kept refining the design of our Williamsen Counter Stool down to the finest detail, I knew I wanted this brass stud on the back, and I wanted the metal to curve around the back, but we weren’t exactly sure how we’d get there. The architectural iron base is juxtaposed by the smooth curve of the solid acacia wood top, we accounted for scale, and the streamlined seat is comfortable without bulk and attached with that brass-finished detail for a subtle contrast.”

- Shea McGee
Not Your Mother’s Natural Wood Kitchen
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Studio McGee
  1. That is my idea of the perfect kitchen! I love natural wood and so does my husband because he loves woodworking as his hobby. Do you have any tips on how to make it work to have your floors and cabinets almost the same color? They both look like white oak…. is that what the floor is?

  2. Gorgeous! Would love to know your thoughts on painted cabinets vs. natural tone vs. white as far as standing the test of time. Are painted/different color uppers & lowers on their way out? Will natural tone last? Am so torn for my own kitchen, it’s an investment I want it to not look "trendy" in 10yrs time. Thank you for the inspiration as usual!

  3. Would also like more details on the type of wood and stain. Is this just a clear stain, or does it have a touch of white in it? Thank you!

  4. Yes, please elaborate on cabinet details! And I would LOVE to see pictures of the rest of this kitchen!!! This is exactly what I want when we redo our kitchen, but I’d like to know what all the rest looks like as well! Thanks! 😉

  5. its like you knew what was in my brain. I’ve been dreaming of something similar to this kitchen. I stumbled upon this blog post and this is exactly the validation I needed.

    love you guys and everything you do. stunning as always.

  6. What a beautiful site you have. Love the color of cabinets and as another person commented on, exactly what I am planning to do, so thanks for the validation.
    What type of wood did you use for kitchen? I am planning on white oak and my stain color is very similar to yours,

    1. Thank you Carla! Unfortunately we cannot reveal these sources in respect of the client, but that sounds beautiful!

  7. Beautiful kitchen. Like so many others, I would like to know what kind of wood the cabinets are made of. Not sure why you cannot share that.

  8. For all looking for cabinet info, white quarter sawn or rough sawn oak with a natural, knocked down finish gives a look like this. It may not be the wood used here but the look is so close would be hard to tell the difference. Love this kitchen, it was our inspiration for our remodel!

    1. Thank you! I’m building my kitchen in two months and we decided on white quarter sawn. What exactly Is a knocked down finish? I’m Trying to replicate these cabinets, they’re gorgeous!

  9. I’m interested in knowing the layout of the other side of this kitchen. Where is the fridge? Can we see the other wall?

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