These Floral Prints Are The Perfect Way To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Meet artist Lucy Augé!

10 February 2022 -

Lucy Augé’s art is rooted in the natural patterns of nature.  

Drawing inspiration from the florals she is surrounded by in her home and studio in Bath, Lucy captures ethereal representations of nature that emulate the feeling of spring we want to bring into our homes.  

We were lucky to work with Lucy recently for our latest McGee & Co. artist collaboration, and we couldn’t be more excited to now offer prints of her work in our latest collection. 

Photo by @roolewis via @lucyauge_art

"I paint from life, then distort the original image by cutting it into segments and rearranging the panels into an abstract piece. Here it becomes an ethereal, intangible capturing of nature's respiration."

- Lucy Augé

Mounted on weighted double mats with reverse bevels and encased in plexiglass in a gold leaf frame, each Lucy Augé x McGee & Co. piece is treated with museum-quality materials to elevate any corner.  

Styled alone or in pairs, these delicate floral works are the perfect way to infuse the feeling of spring in your space all year long. 

Photographed by @roolewis via @lucyauge_art

"On-bike rides through the somerset countryside, I pause now and again when something catches my eye. The shape of the brambles or a cluster of birch leaves blowing in the wind. It is in this flow state where I fully immerse myself, free from life’s everyday noise."

- Lucy Augé

Lucy working on her beautiful projects via @lucyauge_art and photographed by @roolewis

These Floral Prints Are The Perfect Way To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Date Posted
10 February 2022