The Sunday 7

Snow is falling and that means I'm cooking, binge-watching, and online shopping.

09 November 2020 -

1. A career highlight deserves the #1 spot this week. Make Life Beautiful made not just one, but two New York Times Best Sellers lists!

When we originally submitted our manuscript, becoming a NY Times best seller felt like a lofty, far-off goal. You know, the kind of goal that is so big you’re almost afraid to utter it out loud? We couldn’t have made the list without your support. Thank you so much!

2. I recently caved after receiving about a million ads for the Always Pan.

Turns out, I ALWAYS USE IT. The true test of a good pan is when you grab it from the sink because you’d rather take the time to wash it rather than grabbing one of your other clean pans. The color is spot on and the weight is the perfect balance of light, yet sturdy. Oh, and it’s beautiful, so that helps.

3. It started snowing at about 3 a.m. here and hasn’t stopped since.

I used to complain about the snow, but I’ve grown to love the peace and quiet that comes along with it. Also excited for an excuse to wear these boots! They’re cushioned like tennis shoes and keep my feet dry and warm without feeling super bulky.

4. Binged watched The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix recently, how about you?

5. If we’re talking about binge-worthy shows, this seems like the right time to remind you to watch our show, Dream Home Makeover on Netflix as well!

We’ll be doing more quizzes and behind the scenes this coming week!

6. This lotion is the gateway to buying the perfume.

Smells divine and the perfume bottle looks really good on my counter;

7. 16 pages of NEW ARRIVALS at McGee & Co. 

Date Posted
09 November 2020