The Sunday 7: Pickleball!

An event with Varley and more summer musings.

04 June 2023 -

No. 1. The Long Weekend

We celebrated Memorial Day the best way we know how – with all the snacks and lots of time in the sunshine. It’s always the perfect way to kick off summer break!

No. 2. Varley x SM 

This week I cohosted an event with Varley to celebrate their new Club Collection and bring our local community together. It was such a natural fit to bring a brand I admire wholeheartedly and tie in with the inspiration behind our recent McGee & Co. summer collection. Tennis pleats and summer stripes are just meant to be together, even more so with a side of pickleball.  

No. 3. In the Studio

With all the work that goes into capturing imagery for a catalogue there are usually multiple shoots. While we wrapped up the location shoot last week, I was in the studio this week to grab a couple of those perfect shots.

No. 4. More Time on the Court

After a rousing round of pickleball at the Varley x SM event I had my own pickleball date with Syd. Loving this cardigan and have been wearing it on repeat – it’s just that comfortable. And these paddles from Recess! I love the gear almost as much as the game. (You can shop the whole look here.)

No. 5. Packing for Mallorca

Syd and I are sneaking away for a little time together and I am over here pulling looks inspired by our destination…

No. 6. Monthly Musings

Amidst the chaos of May-hem, I was inspired by moments of calm and palettes that ease. Shades that come from the earth—browns, creams, golds, and greens—always manage to soothe.

No. 7. Travel Inspiration

With travel on the brain, we will be sharing some of our favorite McGee & Co. pieces inspired by some of our favorite locations this week.

XO – S

Date Posted
04 June 2023