The Sunday 7

30 November 2020 -

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend cozied up and getting festive.

1, Thanksgiving may have been a little quieter this year, but it was a good kind of quiet.

We cooked all day, snacked on cheese and crackers, played games, put on our stretchy pants way too early and enjoyed the up close time with our family.


2. Maybe it’s the fact that we decorated for both our McGee & Co. and Target Christmas collections in August, but I waited to haul everything out the day after Thanksgiving this year.

I’m still about a day or two from being completely finished, but it’s looking pretty! I will be holding my breath the entire month of December that the 3M command strip holding the wreath on my hood doesn’t ruin the plaster. Until then, I’m enjoying the view!


3. The climate of this year has only intensified my commitment to online shopping.

I’m pleased to report that I’m 85% done with my Christmas shopping thanks to all of the Black Friday sales! You can see some of my top picks from around the web here.

4. We only do a McGee & Co. sale this big twice a year, but time is running out!

It feels unfair to pick favorites, but you can see a few of mine HERE.

5. After days of sweats, I really wanted a few holiday pictures of the girls by our front door.

They agreed as long as Syd and I dressed up too, ha! Wren did a pretty impressive job snapping a pic of us.

6. If you’re looking for a good family or neighbor gift, might I suggest this faux leather version of Farkle.

We’ve played every single day of break!

7. I think we’re all excited to enter the last month of 2020 this week.



Date Posted
30 November 2020