The Sunday 7

Caramel apples, decorating, golden leaves, and family pictures - the McGees did all the fall things this week.

04 October 2021 -

1. We took family pictures this weekend.

I gave up on Christmas cards last year, but with Margot here I am determined to make it happen! They’re always such an event and someone always ends up crying, but in the end I’m always glad we took them.

2. We’re ticking lots of things off our fall bucket list this week…

We took a drive to see the fall leaves, decorated for halloween, and even made caramel apples.

3. In the canyon by our home, the forest floor is covered in the most beautiful shade of golden ferns.

I couldn’t help but take a few home with me.

4. ‘Tis the season for candles.

We have so many new ones at McGee & Co. and the seasonal boxes are perfect for gifting! We also just launched a tester set for our everyday scents.

5. Shopped the 30% off Mango Sale this weekend.

This is what I bought:

6. Headed to California not once but twice this week for filming and a photoshoot for our Target collection.

Taking two day trips so I can get home to the girls…Fall break can’t come fast enough! We are taking our annual family trip to 30A and although it’s been awhile since we traveled with a baby (and allll the stuff that comes with them) I’m so excited for some uninterrupted time together.

7. We’re sharing the webisode featuring Margot’s nursery this week, so stay tuned!


Date Posted
04 October 2021