Virtual Interior Design

Reimagine your space effortlessly from the comfort of your home. 

Our simple and efficient process ensures a seamless virtual experience. 

Discover the convenience and flexibility of Studio McGee’s Virtual Interior Design—an efficient alternative to our traditional full-service projects. Ideal for clients who prefer an approach that can be adapted to their lifestyle, our Virtual Interior Design allows you to transform your space on your terms, from the comfort of your own home.

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Outline of the Process


Select a service
 & your room


Personalized Design Creation


Design review sessions


Finishing Touches


 the design on
 your own time


Benefits of Virtual Interior Design


Save on traditional designer fees while still receiving transformational home designs. 


Maximize your time by working through the design process from your own home. 


Receive a custom design plan tailored to your style and preferences.


Design Boards

Layout options and photos of furniture and styling pieces.

CAD Space Plan & Elevations

Scale and placement of your pieces, as needed.

Item List

Specifications and ordering information for all pieces.

McGee & Co. Discount

15% off any McGee & Co. products to utilize in your design.


Is there a place that outlines everything I need to know about virtual design?

Yes! The FAQs listed below will likely answer a lot of your questions. In addition, we've put together an extensive virtual design information packet that outlines things like the design process, the timeline, what onboarding looks like, the deliverables you'll receive, and the ordering process. Once you've looked it over, reach out in the contact form below to get started.

What is virtual design?

Our Virtual Interior Design offers a cost-effective and efficient solution that minimizes the need for extensive on-site consultations and revisions. Instead, providing you the plans and process to bring your dream home to life on your own time. Engaging our expertise and extensive industry background, our interior designers will create CAD drawings, mood boards, and furniture designs that allow you to visualize various design concepts and move forward with confidence, implementing the designs as your time and budget allows.

What types of spaces/rooms can be virtually designed?

From sprawling great rooms to cozy powder bathrooms to office nooks and more, Studio McGee’s Virtual Interior Design Services can be utilized to transform nearly any type of space. Examples of the rooms we commonly service can be found in our virtual design information packet.

What’s included in the virtual design process?

Using photos you provide of your space, along with your style preferences and vision, your design team will create CAD drawings and mood boards of your redesigned room, allowing you to see different layout, color, and furnishing options. From there, you provide feedback, make selections, and iterate with your design team for up to three rounds of revisions. Although your designers don’t come on-site, they are fully invested in helping you achieve your dream home. Project deliverables will include:

-Mood boards to show design direction before first round of design
-Design board to show layout and photos of all furniture and finishes selected
-CAD space plan and elevations to show scale, layout, and placement of all items
-Design board to show layout and photos of all styling items
-Video walkthrough of design implementation process
-Price sheet with specifications and ordering information
-15% off discount for McGee & Co., redeemable for six months

How should I prepare for my virtual design project?

Approach the project prepared with a well-defined vision of your goals and personal style preferences for your space, including detailed photographs, color palette preferences, and overall aesthetic inspiration at the project kick-off. Examples of similar design projects that you admire can help your design team grasp your desired look and feel. Logistically, our designers will need your onsite assistance to obtain measurements of your space to ensure our drawings are to scale for your implementation. Clear communication from the outset will help ensure that your project’s final designs align with your vision and objectives.

Can my own ideas and vision be incorporated into the design?

Absolutely! Our Virtual Interior Design Services provide personalized designs for each of our clients. We understand the importance of incorporating your own ideas and preferences into the design process to ultimately create a space that is not only functional, but also truly reflective of your style and personality. Our team of designers will work closely with you to understand your vision and integrate your ideas seamlessly into the overall design.

What is the cost for Studio McGee Virtual Design Services?

We provide a transparent pricing structure, based on the room type and sizing of the space. For design renderings and styling recommendations for smaller spaces, including mudrooms and laundry areas, our fee is $2,500. For larger spaces, such as kitchens or primary bedrooms, the cost is $4,500. Our pricing structure ensures clear and predictable costs for our customers, and can be found in our virtual design information packet.

Please note that these estimates do not include furniture costs.

How long does the virtual design process take?

Our projects are tailored to meet your specific needs, which means that project completion timelines can vary. Nevertheless, our standard timeline typically takes between eight and fourteen weeks. This timeline is affected by many factors, including feedback responsiveness and the level of revisions. For more information on the standard timeline, please refer to the virtual design information packet.

Do you provide landscaping design?

Our Virtual Interior Design Services do not offer landscaping design services. Rather, we encourage you to consult with a landscape architect who can provide expert guidance in selecting plants that thrive in your local climate.

Do you provide an architectural review?

Our team’s architectural review services are tailored to the stage of your home’s build-out. For new builds not yet under construction, we offer a thorough review with recommendations for your architect. It is your responsibility, in collaboration with your architect, to comply with local codes. For existing homes, we provide valuable suggestions for you to review with your contractor or architect to ensure all local codes are met.

How does virtual design work with my contractor?

For all matters related to electrical, structural, rough plumbing, or mechanical work, we advise consulting with your contractor. While we can offer descriptive details and a source of inspiration, we do not provide construction materials. Our primary focus is on providing general concepts and dimensions—it is up to your contractor to ensure that these are realized using locally sourced materials.

Please note that while our drawings and designs are to scale, we cannot fully dimension them as we are not physically present to confirm measurements on-site.

Once I’ve received my virtual design plans, how do I find the materials to bring the vision to life?

After receiving your designs virtually, you’ll have everything needed to make your dreams for your space a reality, when the timing is ideal for you. That said, to ensure flawless execution, specialized assistance is essential. We recommend hiring professionals for successful implementation. Please review our materials provisions for more detailed information.

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