The Mother’s Day Gift Guide  

Time to treat our mamas! 

29 April 2022 -

The time to celebrate the women in our lives is just around the corner. 

I’ve rounded up a handful of my favorite gift ideas for everyone from grandma, to sister, to favorite teacher. I’m convinced most exhausted moms would love nothing more than some quiet time (hello, nap!), or even something as simple as quality time with their loved ones. But, if you love to honor these women with a little something special, these are some fool-proof options. Whether it’s their first Mother’s Day or 57th, there is a little something for everyone – from the sentimental to the splurge. To top it all off, I’m also sharing a sweet and simple floral recipe to recreate your own arrangement to gift or enjoy. 

(And Syd, if you’re reading this…one of each would be fine, haha!) 

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A Mother’s Day Arrangement –  

  1. Create a tape grid on the top of your vessel with floral tape, or even scotch tape if it’s all you have on hand.  
  2. Build out the initial shape and structure of your arrangement by using your woodiest and sturdiest branches first.  
  3. Fill in with a fluffy filler to create a bed for your other flowers. I used lilac and hyacinth here.  
  4. Add in more delicate blooms to add height and dimension; fritillaria and butterfly ranunculus are perfect feminine floating flowers to add lightness.  
  5. Keeping like flowers together helps keep the arrangement from feeling too fussy or complicated.  
  6. Adjust stems as you go and remember to cut stems intentionally at different lengths.  
  7. Step back and enjoy your creation!

Happiest Mother’s Day to all of you! 

Date Posted
29 April 2022