Shea’s Hair Routine + Favorites

My favorite products and go-to routine for smooth soft curls.

29 October 2021 -

It can take a while to figure out a hair routine that works for you... 

and now that team McGee is getting back into the swing of long filming days for Dream Home Makeover Season 3, we’re all sharing our best-kept hair secrets. Since the launch of our show on Netflix, we’ve gotten quite a few questions about Shea’s hair, and today, she’s sharing her step-by-step routine!  

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My go-to wash routine:  

Typically, I wash/condition my hair with the Olaplex 4 and 5 Shampoo and Conditioner, but lately, I’ve been following a slightly different routine, and my hair has felt so much healthier. My sister-in-law, who is a hairstylist and does my hair for the show, taught me this trick, and I might never go back!  

First, I wash my hair with the Olaplex Shampoo, but I don’t condition it. Then, I towel dry my hair with an Aquis hair towel, brush out the tangles with a wet brush, apply the K18Hair mask, wait 4 minutes, and apply the Olaplex number 6 bond smoother. Both steps are key!   

Shea’s Hair Routine + Favorites

My basic everyday smooth curl routine: 

I let my hair air dry as long as possible and then blow-dry the rest with the Dyson Hairdryer, using the Wet Brush Professional Quick Dry. Then, I pin my hair up in sections with a claw, starting from underneath and working my way to the top of my head.   

I use the 1.5″ T3 interchangeable barrel wand to curl it and finish it off with a teeny bit of the Olaplex oil. I don’t use hairspray every day, but I like the Sebastian Reshaper Hairspray when I need it! 

Last but not least, I finish it off with this hair perfume that makes my hair smell so good. 

Shea’s Hair Routine + Favorites

My beachy waves hair routine:  

My hair is naturally wavy, so the best way to get the just-stepped-off-the-beach look for me is to brush through my hair once after I shower/mask and then sleep on it, so it doesn’t get as frizzy.  

In the morning, I smooth over or reshape a few of the crazy pieces using a flat iron and finish it off with a little oil. I don’t have a specific one, because mine is really old, but it does the trick!   


Reducing hair oil: 

I brush through my hair with the Mason Pearson Popular brush every night and morning. It redistributes the oils and reduces my use of dry shampoo. It’s crazy because right after I brush my hair with it my hair looks a little staticky, but then it settles in such a pretty way.   

For days when I do use dry shampoo, I use the Drybar dry shampoo. When my hair needs a lot of refreshing, I use the Drybar double Shot Brush Dryer. I also hear that Revlon’s One-step is just as good for a fraction of the price!

Shea’s Hair Routine + Favorites

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29 October 2021