Scent Profiles No. 04 | Sea Salt Driftwood

Where, when, and how for each of our four signature fragrances from Pura x Studio McGee. Here, the day-at-the-beach aroma of Sea Salt Driftwood.

25 July 2023 -

A scent tells a story—

—and sets a mood. Scents are capable of eliciting emotion and conjuring up feelings like love, gratitude, renewal, and passion. In our collection, Pura x Studio McGee, we have four signature scents, Santal Vanilla, Wild Sage, White Bergamot, and Sea Salt Driftwood. In this series, Scent Profiles, we will explore each of the four scents, giving guidance on when best to utilize the power of their fragrance. Next up, the day-at-the-beach vibes of Sea Salt Driftwood.

Date Posted
25 July 2023