Our Favorite Gift Wrapping & Tips

We scoured the internet to find all the prettiest and most festive wrapping options to help elevate your gift-giving this year!

03 December 2021 -

Wrapping gifts is almost as fun as shopping for them… 

and we’ve searched high and low to pull together all the best options for you. So much time and effort go into selecting gifts for your loved ones and the presentation should match the effort. If you’re as aesthetically inspired as we are, you know nothing pulls together an entire holiday setting quite like well-wrapped gifts under a tree. From festive, colorful papers, to more natural and organic options, we have all the tools to make wrapping an enjoyable, and dare we say, FUN, process this season.   

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Find a palette that speaks to you 

There is an abundance of options when it comes to choosing your holiday wrapping and we think the best way to start narrowing down the plethora of choices is to pick a color palette. Often times you’ll gravitate toward the mood of your holiday décor. Shea loves a natural, organic or moody palette while others on the team love the festive and colorful. Or go with a classic green colorway and add a modern splash. Really, you can’t go wrong.  

Create variety 

The wrapping paper itself is so fun but we love to add variety. Whether it’s a darling bag, box or even tissue paper, we like to think of wrapping in layers and switching up the options offers some dimension and variety! Mixing patterns in our homes helps to keep things fresh and interesting and the same can be said of mixing patterns on paper. The assortment of textile-inspired papers we found are refined and classic – they give a vintage English Christmas feel that we love when paired with silk or velvet ribbon.  

Add a topper 

Like a little jewelry finishes an outfit, or accessories polish a space, toppers and ribbon make a present complete. From a sprig of dried greens, to layered silk ribbon, there are so many ways to add a personal flourish to your gifts. We are loving the silk ribbon options from here and here, especially this color for a moody but festive vibe. These little wreath toppers elevate your gift and can even be repurposed as décor.  TIP: Use a little flocked wire to attach any dried pieces to your package to ensure they don’t fall off in the hustle and bustle.  

Tools of the trade 

The skillset required to wrap a gift is thankfully not that of a rocket scientist, but you can definitely elevate your work with just a few basic, but necessary and reliable tools. A new pair of sharp scissors, or even this very cool paper cutter, tape (LOTS of tape), and boxes for wrapping those odd-shaped gifts, and you’re ready to go! While you’re at it, light a McGee & Co. holiday candle and turn on your favorite holiday playlist (we’re loving this one) to get you in the festive spirit. Happy wrapping!  

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03 December 2021