Melding Function and Form

Key pieces play double duty in the McGee Home Refresh entryway.

14 February –

Melding Function and Form
Melding Function and Form
01 Playful Office Space

Shea made a few updates in the entryway of her and Syd’s Utah home to maximize functionality and create a sense of cohesion throughout the rest of the home.

When Syd and Shea were building their home, before they even moved in, Shea knew the space would be ever-evolving. It was important to have the forms in place, so she could continue to add, layer, and create in her own domain. We like to think of this as a testing ground for current and upcoming McGee & Co. pieces. The entryway of the home didn’t get a complete overhaul, but Shea did make a few changes. One of the first layers Shea envisioned was adding more texture to her living room through plastered brick. However, the entryway had painted brick and Shea knew they could not coexist. They were similar yet different looks and needed to feel cohesive. Shea decided to plaster the brick in the entryway as well, solving the problem of continuity between the spaces. Adding the plastered brick provided a really beautiful texture without feeling too rustic or industrial. Watch the webisode below to see Shea guide us through her design process and get more information about how the entryway showcases some of Shea’s favorite (and most useful) things.

“When I approach design I want it to feel continuous, but I also want to love all the individual pieces that I am surrounded by.”

Shea McGee


Secret Storage
A place for the not-so-pretty.

The entryway is one of the most heavily trafficked spaces in the home, and with the entire family coming and going it can turn into quite a mess. From backpacks and shoes to piles of boxes the clutter can add up. In the design process, Shea realized that she needed a drawer or two to house some of the essentials for making a hectic morning a little less hectic. In the McGee family, those essentials are toothbrushes, toothpaste, and socks so the kids won’t have to run back upstairs when one of those are surely forgotten.

While scrolling Instagram, Shea fell in love with this beautiful antique chest and messaged the seller immediately. Fortunately, the chest also had a few drawers for the morning essentials which has eliminated quite a few fights. When the chest was finally brought into the home, Shea realized she had this great charcoal lamp in her living room and repurposed it in the entryway for the perfect contrast.


Sitting Pretty
A place to rest and put on shoes.

When Shea was designing the entryway of her home there was a slim wall space that felt a little empty, so she created a vignette to fill it with personality and character. Shea chose to pair a vintage (but usable!) chair featuring a mix of iron and wicker with a vintage botanical print. This corner is beautiful yet functional as a place to drop a bag or put on shoes when coming and going.

Another subtle difference that you may have missed is that more decorative trim was added to the barrel archway that leads into the living room. Shea had originally envisioned the barrel archway with decorative trim continuing on the hidden doors, and was excited to see it finally come to fruition.


Last Check
A place for one final look.

Above the antique chest, Shea chose to hang the Ludwig Mirror from McGee & Co., which is the big focal point in the space. Not only does she love the unique shape of the mirror—a beautiful arch on the top, sides, and bottom, but all in different proportions—but it also provides the perfect last peek before you head out the door.

Shea tries to incorporate a personal moment that is a reflection of whoever lives in the home in each entryway she designs. In her own entryway, she used the Gilded Rope Frame to house a McGee family photo.

Date Posted
14 February