Light, Cozy Cottage: A Netflix Deep Dive

15 August 2022 -

How couldn’t you fall in love with Mary? 


In episode two of Dream Home Makeover Season 3, we styled Mary’s newly rebuilt home — and in turn, she stole all of our hearts. For those who have already watched the transformation on Netflix, we’re going behind the scenes with Shea for a more in-depth look at the design process. Catch a few tips and extra context you won’t see in the show! 

Source list from our partners: 

Fireplace: Dreamcast Design, Frames: Framebridge, Baseboards / T&G: Metrie, Studio McGee Decor Items: Target, Window Treatments: The Shade Store 

“We were going to just be doing the bedroom furniture, but I couldn’t help myself… She had no idea this was coming.”

– Shea McGee

To make the most of the small footprint of her floorplan, we created smaller “vignettes” within one larger living area. You don’t have to have a separate entryway to achieve a greeting moment, or a dedicated office for a desk space. Given just a window or wall to hitch to, an open concept floor plan can contain plenty of zones within it. 

When furnishing a space, consider pieces with different heights to add variety and interest. A tall plant, floor lamp, or free-standing cabinet like we used here, will bring visual balance to the room and draw the gaze upward. 

Mary’s bedroom kept with the light and cozy cottage feel, accented by subtle textile patterns and deeper nightstand hue.

Every episode for this season of Dream Home Makeover gets its own deep dive. Look out for the next one soon! 

Date Posted
15 August 2022

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