Introducing Pura x Studio McGee

A scent collaboration sent from above.

12 October 2022 -

When design meets the five senses  

sight is clearly the most important. However, here at Studio McGee we believe the sense of smell is the uncontested second. When Robin Williams’ character in Good Will Hunting questions his subordinate’s cultural wisdom, he asks, “I bet you can’t tell me what it smells like in the Sistine Chapel.” He ponders that question because he knows that second only to Michelangelo’s extraordinary paint strokes—which anyone can read about in a book—is the feeling of having stood there on that marble and stone floor and smelt the time-worn aroma that only something of that historic caliber can produce. 

Scent has the ability to transport you unlike any other sense. We’re guessing all of you can pinpoint an aroma that lingered long after the memory. That’s why Shea McGee and the Studio McGee team chose to partner with Pura to create a line of signature scents, each thoughtfully curated by Shea to effortlessly compliment the timeless, inspiring aesthetic of Studio McGee interiors. You can furnish and accessorize, as we do, but we believe that scent is the perfect finishing touch for any home.   

Come along as we take you on a scent journey through our four luxury fragrances, Pura x Studio McGee.

01 Sea Salt Driftwood | Bergamot, Ocean Air, Sea Salt

This is the lightest of our four fragrances—think clean linens and early summer mornings. The sea, the salt, the summer, all in one bottle. If this scent were a location, it would be Coastal Georgia, with a distinctly Southern flair, or perhaps Seaside Maine, where river estuaries meet historic fishing ports, and old seafaring charm reigns supreme. Can you feel the curtains blowing in the wind? Because we can. 

02 Santal Vanilla | Pomelo, Clay, Sage, Fresh Air

This fragrance is all about luxury, the equivalent of cashmere on bare skin. A little sweet and a little sexy. It’s a rich and warm scent, with notes of sandalwood, amber, and myrrh. This intoxicating blend feels a lot like what we imagine it feels like when one is in a time machine, and it lands in a 1920s Prohibition-era speakeasy—woody, musty, smooth, and sensual, with lots of velvet and leather   

03 Wild Sage | Vanilla, Sandalwood, Amber

Light and refreshing, crisp and clean, fresh and herbal, that’s what our Wild Sage fragrance is all about. Shea created this scent with intention of bringing a natural, organic depth into your home. Imagine standing at the base of a Joshua Tree, staring up at its untamed thorns and twisted branches, towering above you over a desert sky. Wild Sage is the scent soundtrack of that moment. Its green and earthy notes are met with hints of sage, basil, mint, and thyme.    

04 White Bergamot | Bergamot, Grapefruit, Green Vetiver

This has garden party written all over it. You know running your sharp kitchen knife blade through a fresh lemon? That’s this. It’s mood-lifting and invigorating. It’s commonly claimed that the bergamot flower—which lives in the mint family—has stress-and anxiety-relieving properties. And while we’re no chemists, we can vouch for the fact that it leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. The scent is made for the “me” moments.

Date Posted
12 October 2022