The Perfect Occasion for Each of Our Pura x Studio McGee Scents

When and where, a fragrance guide.

13 October 2022 -

Scents elicit memories and set moods. We Googled it and it’s a scientific fact, something about the thalamus and olfactory bulb. While we don’t know about all of that, we do know firsthand that a good way to change the vibe of a room is to change the aroma that fills it. Here, we pair each of the four curated scents from our new Pura x Studio McGee collection with the perfect occasion. When and where, a fragrance guide.    

01 Sea Salt Driftwood + A Sunrise

It’s early in the morning, a Saturday or Sunday, and the light is streaming through the windows casting shadows on your clean, crisp sheets. Sunshine permeates your bedroom. On the nightstand next to you, coffee, or perhaps tea. You have a busy day ahead of you filled with nothing but good things—a backyard BBQ with friends, a quiet day at home with your family, time set aside to organize your closet (whatever gets you going!)—and you’re energized to get out of bed and start your day.  

02 Wild Sage + A Fireplace

The day is done, the sun has set. Your work week is complete. Shoes off, pajamas on, a fire lit. You pour yourself a glass of wine, or perhaps a cup of tea, and curl up for a cozy evening with something you love—your family, a good book, a beloved pet. Reflecting back, it’s a productive week filled with laughter and gratitude. Tonight is the night to remember that we’re all… say it together… #blessed.  

03 Santal Vanilla + A Night Out

That dress you never have an excuse to wear or that crisp, tailored shirt. Tonight, you’re going out. The room is dimly lit and you’re sitting across from someone you love. Wide-plank dark hardwood floors that creak when you walk across it, the kind only age can produce. A brass bar with the perfect patina. Maybe you got here through a bookcase façade? A jet-black baby grand in the corner is played by a tux. Jazz, of course.   

04 White Bergamot + A Good Soak

It’s time to treat yourself. The shades are drawn and a clawfoot tub awaits. Bubbles ripple around the sides as water streams from the faucet—the sound of relaxation. Tonight, it’s just you. Lay your head back and close your eyes and take in the heady aroma of dewy greens and fresh citrus. On your way out, a thick cotton pile greets your feet. Wrap yourself in a luxuriously soft Turkish cotton towel, its warmth an indulgence to the senses. The day is done.  

Date Posted
13 October 2022