The McGee & Co. 2022 Fall Collection

An inside look at the process behind our latest collection. 

03 August 2022 -

It’s almost time for a seasonal change… 

and we’re facing this upcoming fall season with excitement. We’re distilling new trends into approachable pieces, all while maintaining timelessness through our collections. With rich color palettes, we’re celebrating traditional silhouettes, and travertine and glass are making a refreshing re-appearance. After all, it’s not only about the details; it’s how we approach them. 

Our 2022 Fall Collection with McGee & Co. is one of our favorites yet, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Shop the entire collection here and keep scrolling to learn about the inspiration behind the style and materials.   

“There is something to be said for making design decisions that evolve and grow with you”

- Shea McGee

Watch our video below. 

New fabrics and rich colors  

Rich tones were a huge inspiration for our new collection. This fall is bringing deep colors and elegant textures to our sofas with new velvet fabrics. We love to keep bigger furniture pieces as timeless as possible so that we can think about seasonal textures in the accents.  

With a balance between cool and warm tones, and a thoughtful curation of pieces, this collection makes it possible to bring a renewed sense of self to your home. To really embrace the seasonal shift, welcome rich brown tones, textures like velvet and boucle, and a mix of dark with light wood into your spaces.  

A focus on materials  

This season we are bringing warmth inside with textural materials like travertine used in both sculptural furniture pieces and decor. Marble also makes an appearance as a smooth complement to the more raw, organic texture of travertine.  

To complement these textural accents, we love choosing artwork that reflects the color palettes of nature.  

With a focus on bringing further balance to your spaces, we look to materials like ceramics and colored glass. These more delicate materials bring interest and a welcome contrast to the heaviness of stone and velvet.  

“I love combining smooth and rough textures in a space.”

- Shea McGee

Intentional seasonality  

As fall approaches, we believe that our intent inside the home becomes even more important. Fall is a season that encourages us to transition indoors and to reimagine our spaces.  

We’re thinking ahead to the upcoming season and considering how to refresh our routines and curate a cozy lifestyle. Whether this means creating spaces to gather and celebrate or creating beautiful spaces to relax, it’s the perfect time to approach the details with purposefulness.  

Date Posted
03 August 2022