4 Ways to Elevate Your Home with Fall Trends

11 August 2022 -

It’s no secret that we are avid lovers of timelessness! 


But transitioning from summer to fall inspires us to infuse new ideas into our homes. We’ve approached some of our favorite trends that are having a moment in design with a streamlined, yet traditional take. This balance of trendy and timeless is exactly what helps us keep a renewed vision for the months ahead.  

The truth is, the more we focus on timelessness, the more our spaces feel elevated and intentional. This turns trends into luxury staples, making it possible to give our home a subtle redesign that feels true to the season, all without reinventing the wheel every time.  

With that said, we’re here to share some of our favorite ways to bring luxury into the home with material trends we’re embracing this season!  



1- Plaids and Stripes


With all this new inspiration, we’re channeling our energy into a unique curation of personal style. By layering plaids and stripes in new ways, you can infuse your own personality into spaces in a playful mix or incorporation of pattern. After all, it’s not just in the details — it’s what we do with them. 

2- Glass Details


We love the simplicity that glass adds to vignettes. It’s a charming blend of both closed and open storage, giving an extra layer to styling while keeping things contained and organized. Whether designed with straightforward, smooth lines or clever ribbed details, glass is making a comeback. We can’t say we’re mad about it!  

3- Touches of Travertine 


The natural texture and imperfections of travertine are part of what draws us to this beautiful stone. It feels almost vintage, and if you know us at all, you know we love an old-meets-new look. We’ve paired it with other natural materials like wood, greenery, and metal to play into its curated aesthetic, giving added maturity and warmth to decor! 

4- Rich Color Palettes


One of the best ways to infuse warmth into your space is through palette. In many ways, it establishes the tone of the room and is the base for layers and details that give depth to your space.  

We’re loving rich, muted reds, warm-toned neutrals, and deep greens. To support this palette, we’re layering in different fabric types (hello, velvet!) to help bring dimension to these colorways. From waffled throws to block-printed linen pillow covers, texture and color bring richness to our Fall designs.  

Date Posted
11 August 2022