The Sunday 7
09/27 The Sunday 7

The Sunday 7

Talking about our new show, fall porches, and more. xo-S

1. Our secret is out!!!

We will be launching our show Dream Home Makeover on Netflix Oct. 16. You can watch the official trailer HERE. We started this journey of creating a show with them about two years ago and I still can’t believe it’s really happening. Early in our business, other networks would reach out and try to squeeze us into their box of a husband/wife contractor/designer duo and it was never a good fit. In our show, I’m excited for the opportunity to stay true to ourselves while sharing the most incredible transformations for clients with homes of all different sizes and budgets.

2. And here comes the plug for our book which talks about those experiences in much greater detail!

3. Went for a hike this morning with the girls and it was pretty magical with all the leaves changing.

The Sunday 7

4. I guess I’m really getting into the fall mood because I decorated our front porch this week…

and maybe went a bit overboard on the pumpkins! Here’s an iphone peek before we share the rest of the photos from our fall front porch shoot. I edited using our organic preset on this one:

The Sunday 7

5. I did an IG live this week with my friend Alyssa Rosenheck who just launched her book The New Southern Style and yours truly happens to be in the book!

If you missed it, the link is still on our IGTV.

6. In all the excitement about launching our show, we didn’t get to post as much as I would have liked to about our Crestview House this week.

You can catch the living and kitchen webisode HERE and the photo tour HERE. There are so many details not to be missed!

The Sunday 7

Photo by Ryan Garvin

7. Thanks for all your support on the announcement of our show!!!

We’re counting down the days ‘til Oct. 16. xo-S

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Studio McGee
  1. Can’t wait for your show! I really hope it shows more of the design process instead of construction process like all the other design shows. I know moving plumbing and putting in ceiling beams is important but I’d rather see behind the scenes of you deciding on furniture layout or what would look better over the mantle, a mirror or artwork, etc.

  2. Hey !
    I love love your style. It is so cozy, inviting and simple. I can’t wait for your show! Thank you for sharing all your great tips for decorating. I wish we could buy your products in Canada.
    Keep up the good work eh!

  3. I honestly think you guys need to stop expanding and tend to your online store which is incredibly unreliable and sloppy. Today I received a shipment of the "Broken Stripe Box" which gives a whole new meaning to the word broken . It is in more pieces than I can count. This is about the sixth or seventh item I have received from McGee & Co that was either damaged or broken. I have literally NEVER had this issue with any other online store. Yes I have written customer support. But I am so over you.


  4. Your front porch is dreamy! I am beyond excited for your Netflix show, I have been a follower for years and knew it was just a matter of time before your talents were discovered by the masses. Congratulations!

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