The Sunday 7: It’s been a week.

Doing our best to navigate this worldwide crisis.

16 March 2020 -

1. What a week this has been.

We have been spending all of our time at home and doing our best to navigate this worldwide crisis. The unknown impact now and longterm to our business, team, loved ones, and your loved ones has been a heavy weight to carry as I’m sure it is for you all as well. I feel scared and confused while also remaining hopeful. In an effort to look on the bright side, I’ve cleaned out closets, organized drawers, and have relished the extra time at home with our family.

2. It seems like the perfect time to catch up on our favorite shows…

and of course, webisodes! You can see our latest video covering all the details about the hard finishes in our home HERE. ICYMI, the exterior video is here. And thankfully, we were able to capture our next few videos before going into quarantine mode. (Jeans & Top. Shoes are old Madewell.)

4.. I waved my hair in the above photo with the only curling wand I ever use.

It’s ON SALE right now! I use this base with this wand attachment.

5. Also wearing my favorite jeans of all time.

They were discontinued and I’ve worn holes in places that were not the knees (ha), but THEY ARE BACK! They also have a bunch of really cute new arrivals:

6. Sneak peek of a new collection we’ll be launching soon!

7. And since we’re all spending a lot more time shopping online, don’t forget to check out our sale on sale at McGee & Co.!

Let’s get through this time together (but apart). Love and good health to you all. Xo-S

Date Posted
16 March 2020