The Sunday 7: Happy New Year!

I’m “un-goaling” myself this year.

06 January 2020 -

Happy New Year!

I’m taking this Sunday off to spend the evening playing board games with our family. I’m traveling off and on for the next 10 out of 14 days and want to relish the calm before the storm. I’m a goal person (like I turn everything into a goal), but this year I have decided to quite literally “ungoal” myself. In 2019 we worked on projects that I have been dreaming about my whole life and in 2020 I will finally get to share them with you! This is a year of giving myself the space to have fun. I treasure each and every one of you who follows us and hope you have a beautiful year! Be back soon. Xx-S

Photo by: Lucy Call

Date Posted
06 January 2020