The Sunday 7: Island stain colors, office reveals, and my favorite makeup discovery

This week I made a last-minute change to our kitchen island, we revealed our office space a year late, and I’m sharing my favorite concealer.

16 September 2019 -

1. Big news at #themcgeehome this week…landscaping started going in!

I know what I like, but feel a little out of my depth in this territory and it has been fun to stretch myself. I set the vision and created the plan as much as I could, but worked with a landscape architect to draw the details and lean on him for info about whether or not my selections were actually a good idea and suitable for our climate.

2. In other news, I selected a stain color for our island awhile ago and when I showed up at the house, the color looked very different on our island than anticipated.

It had almost an 80s oak look to it and I was freaking out. I’m so glad our painters knew to have me look at it before completely finishing it. I halted everyone immediately and went into problem-solving mode. My original design (a year ago) had the island in a light, natural color but as the house evolved the wood floors, kitchen table, trusses, master vanity, etc. etc. were light and it was all feeling too one-note and I needed to add depth. After a few new samples, we have decided to go reallly dark (the one circled) and I’m feeling much better about it. I think, ha.

3. It was Syd’s birthday on Friday and he decided to celebrate by competing in the Malibu Triathlon!

So proud of him and his example to not be afraid to try new things!

4. Speaking of Syd, loved that he joined me in this week’s webisode tour of our office!

It’s definitely one you don’t want to miss.

Photo by Lucy Call

5. Stuff I want to buy for fall:


It has a putty consistency and hides blemishes (when applied with a concealer brush) like nothing else I have ever tried. I have the ginger color.

7. PS. We’ve added a ton of new styles to our SALE and it all ships free!

Date Posted
16 September 2019