The Sunday 7: Right where I need to be

This week marks 5 years since we made the big move!

22 July 2019 -

1. This week marks 5 years since we left our home in California, moved to Utah, and announced that Syd and I were launching Studio McGee. I distinctly remember sitting alone in Wren’s empty nursery with tears steaming down my face. What if that little voice in our heads was wrong? What if this was all a terrible mistake? What if it actually worked? It was a strange mix of sadness and excitement as we pulled onto the 405 that day and embarked on a journey that would change our lives for the better. We made a conscious decision to leave the name Shea McGee Design behind as this was a team effort through and through.

When we arrived in Utah, we naively thought we’d buy a small fixer-upper to renovate and document on social media to fuel the content while building our business. Turns out that it’s nearly impossibly to get a home loan when you’re newly self-employed. This was our whole marketing plan! The first letdown (of hundreds), we were crushed momentarily and decided to double down and redirect our attention. I’m grateful we’ve learned the art of refocusing after a blow because it’s the most valuable lesson we’ve learned thus far.

Studio McGee

Studio McGee

2. I have dreamed about the day we would celebrate this anniversary in our new home. Although we’re not quite there yet, standing in our construction site is truly almost just as fun for me. This week, they started painting the exterior and I am so relieved that I love it! Exterior paints are a big commitment and they have a tendency to change quite a bit in the light so I always hold my breath a bit. We tinted Romabio Masonry Paint White Dove by Benjamin Moore and I’m obsessed with the matte finish. I think the color reads a little warmer in person because I brightened the photo:

The McGee Home

3. Now it’s time to focus on interior colors!

Studio McGee

4. I did a story talking about marble countertops on Instagram this week and was asked a lot about my eyelashes, ha.

  • I’m a strong believer in the power of Latisse and a good faux tan.

  • I use this eyelash curler

  • And most importantly, THIS MASCARA

5. We’re having a sale on top of our sale at McGee & Co. right now! You get an extra 15% sale pieces with code “STEAL” at checkout. There are so many great things! Do you remember the big headboard pillows from the webisode with my mom?! They’re over 50% right now.

6. This week I had a quick trip planned to a client’s home in San Francisco. As I was walking out the door at 6 am I saw that my flight had been delayed and was so bummed. A few hours later and our little Ivy woke up and decided today was the day she was going to ride her bike without training wheels (in her jammies and all). The sun was shining and I knew I was right where I needed to be.

Studio McGee

7. Be right where you need to be this week! Xo-S

Date Posted
22 July 2019