The Sunday 7: Day Trips, Girlbosses, New Shoes

Day trip to Idaho to hang with my favorite bloggers, dance mom-ing, and #winning!

19 May 2019 -

1. I took a break from posting last week on Mother’s Day, but I’m back! We launched our digital catalogue, I got my hands on the paper copy, and they should be arriving to you all soon! We’ve also been sharing the before/afters of this project in our latest video and on (Instagram here and here). These are some of the craziest I’ve ever seen!

2. Syd and I attended The Sego Awards — a group dedicated to celebrating female founders and CEOs in Utah. This valley is filled with overachievers and it was pretty awesome to meet and hear from so many others that are just going for it, but also to hear them share the real side of things….because sometimes this entrepreneurial sh** is hard. I’m honored to stand next to such impressive leaders and can hardly believe I won for fastest growing company under 5 years old! Grateful for the recognition and also that the speech part is over. My dress is from here shoes from here.

Sego Awards

2. Our team took a day trip to Idaho to visit Chris Loves Julia! They are just the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. We styled their existing back patio furniture with McGee & Co. outdoor pieces right before they move to their next project! If you’re like me and have been following them forever, it was so fun to see their home in person. It was just as pretty as the pictures. Here’s a peek from the shoot!

Studio McGee and Chris Loves Julia

3. End of the school year means lots of time in my role as dance mom prepping for recitals and the like. You know my love for Bing tees and sweatshirts runs deep. Wearing this tee on repeat. Jeans are from here.

Studio McGee

4. Also on repeat. THESE SHOES. I have no idea how or why they are so comfortable, but they are. I’m finding that the woven+stripes+straps combination goes with everything.

Studio McGee

5. My newest Instragram obsession may come as a surprise since I mostly follow interior designers, but if you’re into clean eating+living or are interested in making some changes, you need to follow @just.ingredients. She is informative without being preachy, offers practical swaps, and good/better/best options.

6. Summer is coming. Behold the perfect mid-length short. Trust me, I’ve searched. Plus, they’re 20% off right now!

7. Last, but certainly not least…I’m obsessed with this cabinet color from Ivey Design Group!

Photo by:  Ansel Olson

Photo by: Ansel Olson

Date Posted
19 May 2019