The Sunday 7: Layered Necklaces, Laguna Beach and the Joy of Missing Out

Happy Spring Break from Laguna! I’m sharing the details on the layered necklaces I shared this week, a few more BTS from our Catalogue shoot, and more! Xo-S

31 March 2019 -

1. This week was all about the catalogue!!! Our team has been working on this home for over a year now and the before/afters are going to blow you away. Doing my best to save the professional photos for the big reveal, so make sure you sign up HERE! If you’ve signed up previously, you’re already on the list! Here are some behind the scenes from my iPhone to hold you over in the meantime!

I’m particularly excited about this image because you’re getting a peek of our new exclusive indoor/outdoor rugs launching soon! I’ve linked my outfits from the shoot below (size down in the jacket)!

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

I had no idea that I would receive so many messages about the white t-shirt I wore with this pink skirt. I bought it a long time ago and it was sold out from where I originally purchased, BUT I found it on sale HERE!!!

2. While I was at the shoot, I wore these layered coin necklaces and received about a million DMs about them! I’ve been collecting them and just like bracelets and pillows, I like to layer them all of them all at once. I’m absolutely loving this look right now. I’ve linked the ones I’m wearing (top row) plus a few others in different price points.

Studio McGee

3. Did I mention I’m writing this post from Laguna Beach? We rented a little surf shack here for Spring Break to get some solid family time before I head to High Point Market for a few days of sourcing. We took the girls surfing at Doheny yesterday and it was something I’ll never forget. I can’t even handle them in their itty bitty wetsuits. I believe you’re witnessing Syd’s proudest Dad moment yet.


4. The other day Brené Brown posted about JOMO – The Joy Of Missing Out. She says that JOMO is about disconnecting, opting out and being O.K. just where you are. I immediately deleted my Instagram app for the weekend. The disconnection has been an answer to many prayers. I love Instagram and am so thankful for the platform it has provided our business, but sometimes it sucks you into a vortex and it’s hard to get out.

5. Speaking of missing out, I’m bummed that I can’t make it to Round Top, TX for Antiques Week this time, but I’ll be there in October! If you happen to be going, be sure to check out my guide to shopping Round Top !

6. I have a spot in our future home for a moment like this one and am on the hunt for the perfect antique armoire. If you ask me, armoires and hutches are making a comeback. They’re a classic furniture piece that some may argue never went out of style, but I think they’ll be getting more attention.

VIctoria Pearson via  Country Living

VIctoria Pearson via Country Living

7. Also, this skirt should get some attention because it’s hard for me to pass up a good gingham. Shoes are from here.

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

Have a great week!!! Xo-S

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31 March 2019