Swan Lake House Webisode: Exterior, Entry, Kitchen, Living, Kitchen
02/27 Project Tours

Swan Lake House Webisode: Exterior, Entry, Kitchen, Living, Kitchen

Tour our newest project in this week’s webisode!

Yesterday we gave you a little preview into our Swan Lake House!

Today is finally the webisode. We actually finished this remodel last fall, when the snow hadn’t fallen and everything was still a little green! Can you believe the views in this home? It’s located on Swan Lake in Minnesota, owned by a client with a cool, specific taste. This is our most modern and minimal tour yet!

Check out the webisode then scroll down to see how to get inspiration for your own space!

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Studio McGee
  1. I love this. This is definitely more minimalistic than previous projects and the use of restraint is stunning. Great job!

  2. Can I get information on the fireplace stone and entry wall stone? It’s stunning! Love the idea of fireplace and tv right next to each other.

  3. This lake house is absolutely stunning! A minimalist style with all the cozyness that it deserves. You guys nailed it, big time. Looking forward to the next webisodes!

  4. This is incredible. What an amazing opportunity for you and your team to push yourselves. I’m sure it wasn’t always easy, but look at that result! Well done.

  5. I am a newcomer to McGee & Co. and am super wishing I had found you earlier because I’ve become a super fan. Your artistic aesthetic and creative eye for detail are absolutely incredible. I love that this project stretched you and that your collaborations are earning you attention while gaining your team’s momentum in the design world. Minimal styling, or not, you make a house feel like a home. I love your work.

    1. This is so sweet, Zoie!! We have to share it with the whole office now. Thank you for taking the time to comment and enjoy our content! People like you make it all worth it. Xoxo, the McGee Team

  6. Love the stone on the fireplace! Or is it veneer? Is it a grey or an off white? Not sure if the lighting on the picture is giving it that color? Would love to know who is that by? Have had the hardest time finding stone 🙁

  7. Hi! I absolutely love your work and wish I could afford you!! But I’m in the process of fixing the first floor of my house in Long Island and I’m picking everything myself with the help of your blog, webinars, webisite, Instagram account you name it! Wish I could have the real team but I’ll settle with your social media help. With that said anyways you could tell me the name of the stone used on the fireplace ?
    Thanks again

  8. Beautiful house and great aesthetic!! Where could I find a table in that color/wood/style in Calgary, Canada?

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