How A Leesa Mattress Changed Everything!

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04 February 2019 -

This is a sponsored review.

We actually reached out to Leesa to use their mattresses in our Red Ledges Parade Home, but after I unpacked them I decided they were coming home with me! It has been MONTHS, so now it’s time I tell you how much I love these mattresses. The best part is, you can use code ‘STUDIOMCGEE’ at checkout for a discount! They happen to be running a 15% off promo all of February!

We used them in all the bedrooms of our Red Ledges Project! We used the higher-end Sapira mattress for the Master Bedroom, and the Leesa for the rest of the bedrooms.

One of the coolest part about Leesa is their social impact, with a focus on keeping families together. According to Child Protective Services, a bed is required item so they donate 1 mattress for every 10 they sell! You can’t beat the fact that they’re made in America with over 12,000 5-star reviews!

Leesa Mattress Review

I will say one thing on how I was a little deceived by “mattress in a box type” companies — they are definitely heavier than IG makes them look. Phew! But after we got it on the bed, I can say it’s the easiest way to get a mattress. No lugging it from the store to the car to the house and no yelling “pivot” as you move the box through your house to your bedroom!

Syd and I actually got the higher end Sapira Mattress. We celebrated our 10-year anniversary, and I’ve always heard that you should get a new mattress every 8 years, so we were due for a change! Mattresses are just something you kind of take for granted, but you spend a third of your life on them.

I started having back problems around this time and realized that it would ache after sleeping on our old mattress. We switched for the Leesa Sapira and at first I thought I had made a horrible mistake because it felt so different than our other one. You guys, I’m about to sound like an infomercial here, but my back problems went away after a few days and then I started falling in love with our new mattress.

We love them so much so that I’m currently saving 2 queen mattresses for Wren and Ivy when we move into our new house!

Date Posted
04 February 2019