The Sunday 7: The Last Few Weeks

It’s been a few weeks, but I’m back and so excited to share what we’ve been up to.

19 August 2018 -

1. It’s been 2 weeks since my last Sunday 7 post and a lot has happened! We moved into a new house for the year, I went to New York twice, we were named one of the top 8 emerging companies in Utah, and installed a home!

2. NY round 1…Went there to install a penthouse master bedroom in Brooklyn for Real Simple! We tacked on a few days so Syd and I could vacation in Montauk and wander around Long Island. We enjoyed the beach, shopping, and all your food recommendations! We also enjoyed going for long drives to see all the beautiful homes. Everything was as charming as I expected it to be.

Montauk Lighthouse

Studio McGee's The Sunday 7
Studio McGee's Sunday 7

Monc xiii in Sag Harbor

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

Dinner at The Crow’s Nest. We also thoroughly enjoyed our dinner here.

Studio McGee's Sunday 7
Studio McGee's Sunday 7

A visit to OKL Southampton:

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

We never travel without renting bikes at least once:


An aspirational and overwhelmingly beautiful shopping experience at RW Guild:

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

 3. 2 days after I got back from NY round 2, we started installing the home we designed for the Park City Showcase. It goes on for a few weekends but if you’d like to stop by when we’re there you should come to our meet and greet! It’s Saturday, Aug. 25 from 12-3 pm. I did an Instagram Live tour of the progress yesterday and forgot to take pictures! Just trust me that it’s going to be good 😉 I’ll be showing a lot more on stories this week!

4. We’re shooting our winter catalog in this home as well! There is a lot to be done by Tuesday and I’m sweating a little just thinking about it. Finding outfits for the photo shoot has been a welcome distraction from everything going on right now! I’ve been doing some serious shopping and have discovered a few killer pieces that I’m for sure keeping:

98% chance these boots will make the cover. I’m obsessed with them. So comfortable and just the right amount of heel.

If you’ve known me for a few years, you know that every fall/winter I break out a new pair of leopard flats.

This new Karen Walker line is like half the price of last year’s! I snatched this top up v. quickly. My favorite detail is the tie on the back.

5. We launched the Artisan Collection on McGee & Co. this past week! Have you had a chance yet to see the video? I love that each handcrafted piece has a story. We put forth many hours in conceptualizing, creating, and editing with these talented artisans to get it juuuuust right. The Fox Group’s kitchen made for a magical shoot location.

McGee & Co. Artisan Collection

6. It’s safe to say I have dark circles right now. This saves me (I wear No. 1).

7. They’re digging the hole for our house now…I’ve never been so excited about a dirt hole in my life. Doing my best to design a new home with an old soul. Can’t wait to show you where we’re incorporating a leaded glass window!

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19 August 2018