5 Tips for Photographing Interiors

5 tips for getting the perfect shot! 

12 April 2018 -

Designing a space is one thing, but getting a good photograph is another! If you’re shooting your own work, or even having it professionally photographed, here are some of the tips we always use when shooting interiors!

1. Use the Natural Light

Turn off those lights! Real estate agents LOVE to kick those lights on, but lights cast unnatural shadows and colors that can look unflattering. Plus, they tend to washout the light fixture details. You put so much work in a space, you want it to look good. You want the light and colors to feel natural, and sometimes that just requires a good camera.

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2. Shoot Straight on

Don’t get too creative with the angle! We want people to view a home as if they are with us, and shooting straight on with a grid helps achieve that. Sometimes, we need to break this rule if we are shooting over furniture or in a really tight space.


3. Take a step back

Vignettes are cute, but people love to see context! Cute shelfie, but let’s see the entire cabinet style and cabinet color!!! Taking a step back allows viewers to take in the whole space, so they can really get an idea of how grand the home is. Show off ALL your hard work! Don’t go too wide with the lens though, that tends to make the photo look warped! 


4. Make sure you get a good portrait (vertical) shot!

Landscapes are great for so many things, including showing context of floor plans, etc., but they don’t work as well for instagram and Pinterest. Try to have you or your photographer make sure to get a portrait version of whatever you do! It’s always great to have options!

Great to post on the blog! 


Great for posting on instagram! 

5. Shoot at the right time of day!

Sometimes, shadows are unavoidable and uneven lighting will happen. Even to the pros! A lot of times you’ll catch us getting creative when hit with uneven lighting but other times, it’s just unavoidable—especially when we are limited on time! Pray for clouds, and try to shoot when it’s light.

This one is still pretty! 


But the lighting is perfect here!

Date Posted
12 April 2018