Rangeview Reno Pt.2: Living Room

We're sharing a continuation of one of our favorite projects from the past. Check out Rangeview Reno Pt. 2!

03 January 2018 -

We’re so excited to share a continuation of one of our past projects, the Rangeview Reno!

These clients were full-service with a lot of custom and designer trade products, so we can’t share all the sources, but we’ll tag all that we can at the bottom!

Photography by Ashlee Raubach

The Sonoma Rug works perfectly with the various colors in this space. We love the way it catches light in the room, and how soft it is. A Pueblo Basket adds to the natural elements in the space while also creating an extra source for storage.

We balanced out the homeowner’s artwork with open shelving. There’s a coastal theme in the photographs, prints, and accessories as an ode to California. We used a natural wool basket with a soft woven texture, a pom pom vase for dimension, and more natural elements like a concrete bookend and rustic found vases. Using a pom pom vase instead of another bookend makes the space feel more collected and found.

When you have a no mantle fireplace, we’ll bring interest to the space by using the various height of the found jars, and placing the television above.

We used a variety of pillows with textures and muted tones.

Date Posted
03 January 2018