New to the Shop: Vintage Pillows

Our vintage pillow collection is HERE! 

04 January 2018 -

Every room deserves at least one vintage piece – something that gives it a bit of timeworn character and soul. When designing, we often use vintage textiles as that special piece.They add depth, interest, and warmth to a space.

After sifting through piles and piles of one-of-a-kind textiles, the Vintage Pillow Collection was born. The final hand-selected patterns and colors felt fresh with what’s happening in design right now and can pair easily with other pillows. Shop now! 


We balanced the thickness from the vintage textile with a linen fabric. Depending on the colors in the pillows we paired them with a natural ecru fabric or an indigo linen. After we designed each pillow, they were made in America, and inspected for quality in our studio.


Each pillow comes with its own unique character that’s been developed over time. Every imperfection is an intrinsic part of the one-of-a-kind beauty.


We love to style these pillows with other vintage-inspired products from the shop. We love our retro pennants, rustic accessories like a record basket or glass beads, and even a natural woven rug.

Date Posted
04 January 2018