How to Style a Round Coffee Table

See our tips and tricks for styling a round coffee table!

16 August 2017 -

After we released a webisode styling a rectangle coffee table, we’ve had so many requests for a round version!

We used the Grady Coffee Table to show you our tips and tricks.

1. Treat the layout like a triangle

When styling a round coffee table we always create groupings in a triangle shape to make the table visually interesting and full of dimension.

2. Start with a focal point

Fill your vases with fresh florals and greenery. This brings a lively, natural element to the space and gives you something to work around.

3. Break up the shapes + create layers

You don’t want too many shapes going on, so we only like to work with 3 groupings or so. Break it up by stacking books or using a rectangular tray. From there you can layer in decorative beads, bowls, and other textured accessories.

Fill in the blanks and play with height by adding in sculpteral objects.

4. Anchor the bottom

If you have a bottom tier, fill it with groupings that are substantial enough to ground the coffee table. You don’t want things to look like they’re floating around. We do this by either creating two large groupings or using an object large enough to display on its own.

5. Take a walk

Walk around the coffee table to get a look at it from different angles and to check out all the sides.

Date Posted
16 August 2017