Pros & Cons: Bathroom Sink Styles

Make the decision process a little easier with our pros and cons of each sink style!

17 August 2017 -

When it comes to design, we love adding unexpected details to take a space to the next level.

We’re always on the lookout for unique takes on everyday items, whether it’s hardware, lighting, cabinetry style, etc. One piece of your home design that is often overlooked is the sinks! It’s easy to select a standard ceramic wall sink, but in reality there are endless possibilities to make your sink more unique. From opting for a pedestal or trough sink, to something wall mounted, today we’re talking about the pros and cons of our favorite options.

Pedestal Sink

First up, let’s talk about pedestal sinks. Typically a pedestal sink is selected for a small bathroom. The obvious con to this sink style is that they offer no storage underneath and hardly any countertop space! Also, sometimes they just don’t look that great! However, when done right, they can look amazing! Our advice is to stick with more streamlined options and make sure to add storage in another way, such as an additional furniture piece or a medicine cabinet.

Design by Amber Interiors

From our Midway House

Design by Alexander Design

From the Studio McGee Office

Console Sinks

Next on the list is console sinks! These are similar to a pedestal sink in that they don’t offer built-in storage. However, the nice thing with a console sink is that there is often a bit more countertop space, plus there is room underneath for a basket. That’s an easy way to add storage and texture to your bathroom without taking up additional floor space.

From our Park City Canyons Remodel 

Design by Amy Halpenny and photographed by Alex Lukey

From our Pacific Palisades Project

Design by Caitlin Moran

Trough Sinks

Now let’s talk about trough sinks. I feel like these are very underrated in bathroom design. Why? Because they are the perfect solution to getting double faucets without taking up too much space! Many people want a double vanity in their bathroom, but don’t have the square footage to accommodate that. Enter the trough sink: you can fit two faucets, but don’t need to find room for two sinks. Not to mention, they are very sleek which makes cleaning a breeze.

From our Windsong Project

Design by Kaeming K Design and photographed by Alyssa Rosenheck

From our Windsong Project

From our Promontory Project

Wall-Mounted Sink

Another great sink option is the wall-mount or floating sink. We love to use these in small bathrooms where we are trying to save space, or as a statement piece in bathrooms that don’t need a lot of storage. The con to this sink style is, again, the lack of storage. However, we think the look more than makes up for that in spaces like a powder or guest bath!

From our Denver Tudor Project

From our Lynwood Remodel 

Vessel Sink

If you want a sink that makes a statement but still allows for lots of lower cabinetry storage, we recommend vessel sinks! We love to use vessel sinks to make a space feel more modern and well thought-out. A major pro to choosing a vessel sink is that it’s typically easier to install than a drop-in sink. However, the con is that because the edges are exposed, it’s more prone to cracks (although this isn’t a common thing!). Also, you’ll want to think about who is using this sink. Since it sticks up higher than the countertop, make sure whoever is using it is tall enough to reach over the top, or choose one that is only a few inches tall.

Design by Beatrix Rowe and photographed by Shannon McGrath

From our Mountainside Remodel 

From our Windsong Project 

Drop-in Sinks

Lastly, let’s discuss drop-in/undermount sinks. These are definitely the most used sink style, and for good reason! They are streamlined, easy to clean, and fit well into custom cabinets. They are also very often what comes with a pre-fab vanity. When selecting an undermount sink, we always go with a streamlined rectangular or oval option.

From our U-Street Project 

From our Lynwood Remodel 

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17 August 2017