The Sunday 7: This Week’s Breakthroughs

Hope you’re enjoying summer! My weekly Sunday 7 post!

21 May 2017 -

1. Happy Sunday!

Lots of great things happened at SM this week: we launched a new webisode, presented top-to-bottom remodel plans to a client in Palos Verdes, and received early concept drawings from Think Architecture for the Studio McGee neighborhood we’re building in Alpine, UT! I’ve been reviewing them at our kitchen table every chance I get:

2. Oh, and one more thing – we’re having a 20% Off sale at McGee & Co. that ends Monday night!

Use code MUSTHAVE at checkout. The rug pictured below is this one.

3. Most asked DMs this week…

Where are your sunglasses from?! What lipstick are you wearing? Lovelorn by MAC most days! Sometimes I layer it with Pink Pearl Pop for a brighter look. And don’t mind me just being awkward in our backyard trying to take photos of my outfits. I am not a fashion blogger, so please cut me some slack!

4. Adding the whole webisode thing to our business means I just buy a lot of tops to switch things up from video to video because I’m a jeans girl and that ain’t changin’ anytime soon.

I just bought this one and it’s the perfect weight for summer. I also have my eye on this one.

5. I recently had a I’M 31 AND THAT MEANS I’M REALLY IN MY 30s NOW life crisis and decided the least dramatic, dramatic thing I could do is change my hair from a side to a middle part.

I’m embarrassed to share this because I am fully aware of how ridiculous all of that sounds. What I learned is that sometimes you just need to make small life changes to feel a big difference! I also started charging my phone away from my nightstand so it’s not the first and last thing I look at. That, my friends, has actually been life changing.

6. I complained about going to the gym this week on insta-stories, but most of the time I actually like to go!

It’s a nice break from my laptop screen or negotiating with toddlers. Lululemon’s “We Made Too Much” is a frequent stop of mine. They have my go-to workout tank for under $30 right now!

7. On Thursday I had one of the best meetings with our design team that we’ve ever had.

We just chatted about how we wanted to push and evolve stylistically. We looked at screenshots and pins we’ve been obsessing over and it was really invigorating. I’m not going to give away all our secrets 😉 but we’re really inspired by restraint and the mix of minimal and traditional styles:

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21 May 2017