The Sunday 7: Behind The Scenes

Every Sunday I share 7 things. The format is simple and a little more personal. I hope you enjoy it! xo -Shea

09 April 2017 -

If you’ve been following along for awhile, you know that every Sunday I share 7 things –

everything from behind the scenes, to life, fashion, and books. It’s nice to get a little more personal – I hope you enjoy it! You can always shop the links at the bottom of the post!

1. We worked with photographer Mandi Nelson to style her kitchen with McGee & Co. accessories this week…

and shared preview in our Instagram stories. We’ll be sharing the tour and a little video about it soon:

2. Lots of questions of about my ruffled white top from this shoot!

It is one of my favorite spring purchases. I’ve mentioned it before, but I have an addiction to white tops. I paired it with these earrings and the best high-rise jeans around.

3. After my big talk a few weeks ago, I did what any self-respecting business lady would do…

and bought myself the bag I’ve been coveting for quite some time! Turns out I love a cognac leather purse as much as a cognac leather sofa (and that’s a lot).

4. We had a big presentation this week that I’m giddy about –

it’s a lot more glam than our clients tend to go and the result will be insanely beautiful. These shoes took me to the presentation and an afternoon at the park chasing kids. This is the exterior inspiration for the home:

Pamela Pierce’s Home in Veranda Photographed by Laura Resen

5. We finally released our Denver Tudor project video and photo tour.

I’m so proud of our team and grateful for the positive response! Our clients often have really large homes and it was really cool to show for change that good style isn’t dependent on square footage. Some of my favorite little details got cut out from the tour because we had SO many of them…this brass dutch door hardware was one of them:

6. Remember this cute setup from our spring accessories launch?

The task lamp is now available in our shop too! You can also get the charcoal chest from McGee & Co. (I’m in love with the little keyhole detail).

7. Doing what we do, I think about the meaning of home a lot.

For me it has always meant a safe, happy place and the beauty part was the bonus. The older I get and the more tragedy that continues to occur worldwide, I’ve had the heartbreaking realization that safety is the bonus for so many. In light of recent world events I have been squeezing my loved ones extra tight and yearning for a way to help. A really great grassroots humanitarian organization here in Utah was brought to my attention recently and I’m excited to share it with you. If you’re like me, I use Amazon for just about everything. It takes 30 seconds to go HERE and purchase from their list of basic necessities for the refugees. Their approach is straightforward and a great way to see a tangible impact. Hope you have a wonderful week! We’ll be sharing sneak peeks from a MCM install which is a fun departure for us!


Date Posted
09 April 2017