The Sunday 7: Back From Break

Every Sunday I share 7 things - everything from project progress to fashion. You can shop everything at the bottom of the post! Xx-S

30 April 2017 -

1. I missed my Sunday 7 post last week!

I was at Highpoint Market after recovering from a long week with tonsillitis. And now everyone else in our family is under the weather which is terrible, but also kinda nice to have an excuse to take it easy! We saw so many beautiful things that I’m excited to style for client projects or McGee & Co. soon. These shoes (and these) got me through all the walking like a dream.

Oly Studio

Suzanna Kasler for Hickory Chair

2. Did you catch the video of our Promontory Project in Park City?

If you ask me, Sunday evening is the perfect time to watch. You can also see all the photos herehere, and here! 3. Between webisodes and IG stories, we get a lot of requests for fashion posts. While I’m certainly not a fashion blogger, we’re working on adding a little more to the blog! This top is a new favorite and I wear these jeans on repeat. ShoesBag (similar)Sunglasses.

4. The curling wand I use every single day.

5. We have so many projects going on right now all over the country.

I have to pinch myself when I see these projects come to life – when I first started, I had to work so hard to convince clients to do just about anything. There is so much more trust now and you can see it in the results! We just wrapped up this really cool project in Austin, TX and we’ll be sharing the tour soon:

Photo by Kate Osborne

6. We also got progress shots of the remodel we’ve been working on in Cincinnati!

7. Do you listen to podcasts?

I love them. My favorite right now is How I Built This. I love hearing entrepreneurs that I really admire talk about their early days. Hope you have a great week! Thanks for all your sweet comments on the debut of our Promontory Project recently! Xx – S

Date Posted
30 April 2017