The Sunday 7: Upcoming Install and Home Inspiration

Shea's weekly Sunday 7 post! Enjoy some project progress and fashion favorites!

26 March 2017 -

1. It was a big week and we’re gearing up for an even bigger one!

I did a FB live about our new arrivals which totally stressed me out, ha!). I would call out a few of my favorites, but they’re ALL MY FAVORITE and I’m having a hard time narrowing it down. A little secret: We have opted to not hire a “buyer” for McGee & Co. because I work with our design team to hand select everything. 

2. I’ve been showing updates here and there for the last few months…

but it is finally time to install all of the furniture at our #promontoryproject!

3. Last year we announced that we would be doing a parade house

– and then a sad thing happened and our client wasn’t able to make the timing work for the parade. BUT last week we signed on a new project that will be in the parade in June. Yes, June. It’s nuts. We will be adding some serious oomph to a new tract home with Flagship Homes (still under construction) and so far the process has been a really fun and different kind of challenge for us! I believe we settled on the floor right above where I’m standing:

4. Which brings me to these ankle tie flats.

I love them so much. And they actually stay tied! I plan to wear them with this top I just ordered. I buy a new embroidered top from Madewell every spring and without fail I wear it more than anything else in my wardrobe.

5. I was interviewed by OKL this week!

They asked about the guiding philosophy behind our designs: “Good design is about creating spaces that feel both beautiful and approachable at the same time.” 

6. An image that I absolutely loved on Pinterest this week:

This super cute mudroom by Kelly Deck:

7. Have a great week!!!

Stay tuned because we’ll be posting a lot from our install. xoxo -S

Date Posted
26 March 2017