Vineyard Street Project Webisode
03/15 Room Inspiration

Vineyard Street Project Webisode

Check out our newest webisode and see how we made a new blended space for a newlywed couple!

Do you remember that gorgeous formal living room we shared a couple weeks ago with that navy blue paneled wall?

Well, we just installed their great room and the master bedroom and it turned out so beautiful! Our clients are newly weds, moving into their new space. See how we made it a place for both of their styles in our latest webisode:

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Studio McGee
  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything in the living room and master bedroom!
    (Syd’s fist pump was my favorite part of the video haha)

  2. Merging houses now with my fiance so this was a God send! Would you pink and purple ikat pillow is from? It’s the one not linked above.

  3. LOVE the master bedroom. I have navy euro pillows that I’ve been trying to match with. Where is your white and navy floral pillow from? It’s beautiful!

  4. It looks amazing you guys! I LOVE it all so much! I adore the color-blocked curtains you use in lots of your projects-where are they from?

    Thanks so much! Keep up the amazing work!

  5. Favorite design ever! You all are my inspiration for our new house. Thank you for all your amazing webisodes that teach me so much! Such talent- so glad you took the risk and started your own design company!

      1. Would you mind sharing the size of the pillows on the master bedroom bed?? I don’t want to order them too big or too small. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you Mel! We didn’t have a kitchen in this project, were you talking about one shown in the intro? 🙂

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